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Accueil "Printemps arabe" From MI5 to Islamabad, safe in our hands: death, destruction and spymaster saviours

From MI5 to Islamabad, safe in our hands: death, destruction and spymaster saviours

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Cast you mind back to the beginnings of the ‘Arab Spring’ and the overriding media narrative at the time. The premise was that spontaneous, grass-root uprisings were spreading within individual countries and from one country to another largely as a result of the use of social media technology. In many ways, it was reminiscent of the earlier revolutions in Eastern Europe that occurred in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. These revolutions were also portrayed as autonomous people-powered uprisings.

The covert US funding and management of the revolutions in Eastern Europe has been well documented. A series of governments were overthrown by mobilising disaffected, pro-western people financed by the US government via various foundations, such as National Endowment for Democracy, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, Freedom House, the Centre for Non Violent Action and Strategies and the United States Agency for International Development.

Similarly, the US had its fingers all over much of the Arab Spring since before day one. Little if anything was said by the mainstream media about the US government’s role, through its various foundations and institutes. French-Canadian Ahmed Bensaada’s book ‘Arabesque Americaine’ documents the links, funding and main figures behind pro-democracy organisations in over a dozen Arab countries, including Egypt, Lybia, Tunisia and Syria, which were financed by the US. Indeed, he identifies the specific pro-democracy groups by name and the exact amount of US funding each received.

Notwithstanding the genuine desires, frustrations and grievances that propelled many ordinary folk to join in and take to the streets, as in Eastern Europe, the hand of the US wasn’t lurking too far in the background.

US ally Mubarak wanted to adopt a more conciliatory line concerning Iran and Syria. He was got rid of with relatively little violence. It was different in Libya. Gadhafi’s demand for more money from western oil companies (probably in response to Libya having to cough up compensation for victims of the Lockerbie flight, which Libya appears to have had no part in) seems to have been the straw that finally broke the back of a camel that the US had wanted gone for a long time. How convenient to then proceed with more violence to remove another bogeyman regime in the region - the Syrian one.

All of this had been fairly predictable. George W Bush once stated that West Asia through to Pakistan represented an ‘arc of instability’ and that it was the US government’s mission to export freedom there and to bring stability to the region. Look no further than Pakistan to see US freedom and stability in action.

The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was not just about securing oil and pipelines, but was also about the US having a geographical foothold to wage a proxy war in Pakistan to counter Chinese influence. An active US high-risk campaign has been mounted to divide, weaken and control a nuclear armed country by fuelling ethnic and regional tensions and exploiting factionalism between and within the military, intelligence services and civilian government. The ongoing destabilisation of Pakistan and even eventual balkanisation would serve US aims to assume control of the wider region, from northern Africa to the borders of a compliant India.

The type of ‘divide and rule’ destabilisation tactics we see in Pakistan have been used by many an empire throughout the ages.

Millions of ordinary decent folk are now living in chaos as a result of US and western interference in their countries. And the same could be in store for millions more. As part of exporting ‘freedom, democracy and stability’, the US is running covert operations, building bases (or massive embassy compounds) and is involved in training, arming, and funding local forces in 75 countries across the globe.

From Libya and Sudan through to Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and into Pakistan, the US has stoked up ethnic and political tensions and has attacked or debased the sovereignty of nation states in its attempt to secure control of the entire region. Iran is a work in progress. Whether it is part of the bogus ‘war on terror’, or whether it occurs under the lie of ‘humanitarianism’, US led imperialism has effectively brought an arc of tragedy to the region. And it’s a tragedy of epic proportions.

Little wonder then that, with one eye on the forthcoming London Olympics, the Director General of Britain’s MI5 secret services agency Jonathan Evans in a recent speech declared that there is no shortage of individuals wanting to mount terrorist attacks in the UK. As part of an Anglo-US establishment that is responsible for much of the mayhem in the world, Britain’s MI5 chief could do well to ponder on Noam Chomsky’s comments when asked about the best way to stop terrorism: “Stop committing it.”

In the absence of any will whatsoever by the west to stop committing it, Jonathan Evans went out of his way to reassure the public that MI5 is involved in a courageous, nation-saving battle against terrorism. The Olympics are safe was the message, but we cannot for a second ever let our guard down. It was a message designed for a public that is constantly distracted and misled over what is really happening. It was a message designed for a population to line up and admire with awe the likes of Evans, Cameron and Obama, officials and leaders who are saving the ‘international community’ (the west and its allies – formerly known as the ‘free world’) from destruction by the barbarians.

The national anthem ‘God save the Queen’ will ring out in respect to the monarch when Britain wins its first gold medal at the Olympics. More apt for those who swallow the lies might be to kneel in deference and face spymaster headquarters on the banks of the Thames and sing ‘God save MI5’. Either way, neither will save the world from the destruction and deceit.

Source: http://londonprogressivejournal.com/article/view/1174


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